About Us

How many times have you visited job boards and found jobs that you felt you were qualified and knew you could do, only to realize that you don’t possess the required work experience? How does one gain experience when working toward a college degree keeps you from that experience? You graduate hoping for that dream job, only to find out that a degree is not enough!

Internship experience is a surefire way to build your resume so that you can get the job of your dreams, and InternBuzz is your answer!!!

InternBuzz focuses on jobs that will lead you to your dreams! InternBuzz is your portal for internships, company projects, and job shadow opportunities. Guides for resumes, jobs, and careers are all offered at InternBuzz, giving you the latest buzz on the job front.

Employers need qualified employees and students need real-world experience, plain and simple. So find out what the buzz is all about on InternBuzz.com!